Brac Scuba Shack

Wreck Diving

Notably the most famous wreck dive in Cayman Brac is on the Russian frigate, re-named ‘Captain Keith Tibbetts’ as a tribute to a local politician, and which attracts dive enthusiasts from around the world. Intentionally sunk on the north east side of the island in 1996, this impressive 300+ foot vessel is ideally situated for both snorkelers and divers alike. Its highest point sits in approximately 30 feet of water and the deepest point is nearly 90 feet below the surface. The wreck has become home to countless species of sea life, which are ever increasing over time as this once active Russian frigate settles into its final resting place. Decorated with an array of sponges and corals, divers will encountering a menagerie of marine life from scorpion fish and moray eels, to a wealth of life found in the sand surrounding the wreck.

High visibility and low currents make this an ideal dive for both novice and advanced divers to enjoy.