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Wall Diving

Wall Dives

There are so many incredible wall dives available in Cayman Brac that it is difficult to choose one. Below are just three favorites to read a bit more about, but there is nothing to beat first-hand experience. We recommend that you try them. Excursions to the popular Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman, named as one of the best wall dives on the planet, can also be booked through the Brac Scuba Shack.

Anchor Wall

Chosen by co-owner, Martin Van Der Touw, as his personal favorite dive, Anchor Wall is appropriately named after the huge anchor that was accidentally embedded in the reef and which has remained there ever since. This spectacular dive site offers a multitude of vibrant sea life and corals to explore. Approximately 90 feet beneath the surface there is a swim-through on the inside of the wall that goes beneath the anchor. It’s a highly recommended dive on the south side of Cayman Brac.

Wilderness Wall

This magical site, also found on the South Side, is co-owner of the Brac Shack, Liesel Van Der Touw’s, all time favorite dive site. With a dramatic drop-off, this wall offers divers an abundance of captivating sea life, with a variety of vibrant and colorful sponges and corals that will enchant even the most seasoned diver. Wilderness Wall is home to an incredible variety of fish from snappers, groupers, angelfish and jacks, not to mention the majestic stingrays and personable turtles that may well swim up to your mask to see their reflection. This is another enchanting wall dive that is highly recommended.

Other recommended wall dives are listed below, or Contact us for a full list of all the incredible wall diving sites that can be experienced in Cayman Brac:

  • Angel Reef
  • Greenhouse Wall
  • Middle Chute and West Chute
  • Airport Wall
  • Sea Feather Wall
  • Bluff Wall
  • School House Wall
  • Manta Canyon

East Chute

East Chute is another of Martin Van Der Touw’s favorite dives. Enthusiastic member of the Brac Scuba Shack ‘family’, J.P. Colin, loves this site as well and with good reason. This unique dive site offers the best of both worlds with a small wreck, the ‘Cayman Mariner’ , and a magnificent wall bejeweled with a variety of colourful sponges.

Other recommended wreck dives available in Cayman Brac are listed below:

  • ‘Prince Frederick’ – a wooden vessel from the 1800s.
  • ‘Kissimmee’ – a retired tugboat.