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June 1 2017 – Summer Specials!

Cayman Brac Scuba Shack and Rock Iguana Ltd. are running some fabulous summer specials from July to October 2017. Not only are we running dive specials through Brac Scuba Shack, but we have teamed up with Rock Iguana Ltd. to do Climb ’n’ Dive specials with a combination of rock climbing and diving. As an extra we are offering a first ascender’s discount – book a Climb ’n’ Dive special before June 30th and get 10% off!

Diving Specials

Summer Breeze 420 Dive Special  

For a minimum of two divers. Includes 6 days of 2-tank boat dives and unlimited shore diving. Rental dive gear is available on request. US$ 420 per person.

Cayman Brac Freedom Special 

A super deal which includes 7 nights’ accommodation in a private home with a pool, 6 days of 2-tank boat dives, car rental for 6 days, and unlimited shore diving. Rental dive gear is available on request. US$ 990 per person for a minimum of two divers, or US$ 890 per person for four or more divers.

So what’s so special about the Cayman Brac Freedom Special? Well, for one, you can get up as late as you like. No setting of alarms to make that first early morning dive. Secondly, you can choose what food you would like to eat, or which restaurants you would like to eat at. You will be staying at a private home so there are no strict dive and meal times to worry about, plus you will not be crowded by other dive groups all wanting to get their meal and get to the next dive. Kick back and enjoy the ultimate relaxing dive experience, plus the opportunity to use the rental car to tour the island.

Climb ’n’ Dive Specials

Climb ’n’ Dive Adventure – 1 day

Includes 2-tank boat dive in morning and cave rappel or rock climbing in the afternoon. All climbing gear is included, rental dive gear is available on request. US$ 255 per person.

Climb ’n’ Dive Adventure – 2 days

Includes 3-tank boat dives (two in the morning and one in the afternoon) and a full day of cave rappel and rock climbing. All climbing gear is included, rental dive gear is available on request. US$ 375 per person.

The Ultimate Brac Adventure

Rappel from the top of The Bluff … and dive The Bluff. Includes 3-tank boat dive (two in the morning and one in the afternoon), an Adventure Bluff Rappel, and a scenic boat ride along The Bluff back to the dock. All climbing gear is included, rental dive gear is available on request. US$ 395 per person.

Book now to secure your spot!

Here are just a few of the attractions that you may want to see – in between diving, of course.

Kayaking is a great way to explore the lagoon inside the reef and lots of fun for the whole family.

Explore some of the many secret caves, or one of the extensive trails or footpaths that crisscross the island. Hiking is the best way to get up close and personal with nature and the trails are easily accessible. Just look for the signs on the roadside. The trails are labeled with the difficulty level, so take that into account if you have children with you.

Birdwatching is almost mandatory with the hiking as there are so many, especially along the rocky Bluff and in the forested areas. Keep a lookout for the brown boobies and see if you can spot a rare parrot.

The Cayman Brac Museum holds many interesting artifacts, including information about the 1932 hurricane that devastated the islands.

The Parrot Preserve was created by the National Trust of the Cayman Islands to preserve the endangered Cayman Brac parrot. The best time to see the parrots is late afternoon or early evening when they return from feeding, or early morning before they fly off in search of food.

For experienced climbers check out the rock climbing on the jagged cliffs of The Bluff, a 140-foot high limestone rock formation on the eastern side of the island.

Just ask at Brac Scuba Shack about the various attractions that are available and we will be able to assist you in directions and suggestions.