Brac Scuba Shack

Breathtaking Under The Sea

When checking in at the dive shop, a diver’s first question is often “So what will I see on dives here?” In many places, a divemaster memorizes fish names, offers some out, and hopes a few will be spotted.

On Cayman Brac, an isolated and unspoiled mountain peak, this isn’t necessary. The wall surrounding Brac is rugged and alive, seeming to breathe schools of fish above vibrant coral communities. Divers of all levels often stop short at the huge schools of creole wrasse interspersed with blue chromis and black durgeons, all dancing silhouetted against the sun as jacks dart in and out hoping for a snack. And you never know when something special will swim by: laid-back loggerheads, nonchalant sharks, the wayward tuna on the hunt, and even the rare seahorse! Our favorites are what we see every day: eagle rays having jumping contests in the lagoon, juvenile spotted drums skating figure eights, and turtles coming to see their reflections in our masks. Truly, diving in Cayman Brac isn’t so much about what marine life you will see, but about the experience you will have when you see it.