A private boat charter is the perfect choice for any groups wanting a more personal experience with family and friends. An added benefit of having your own private charter is that you can choose your own itinerary, tailored to your specific requirements and with the flexibility to relax and dive at your leisure.

Non-diving family members and friends are welcome to come along to enjoy the ride at no additional cost. Our boats come fully equipped with snorkel equipment for your convenience and some family fun.

Each charter is allocated with two crew members who will be happy to assist you in any way that they can and ensure that you get the most out of your experience by guiding you through some of our incredible dive sites. With the entire boat to yourselves and a host of exciting dives to choose from, this is truly the ultimate way to get the most out of your diving vacation.

Contact us with any special requests so that we can customize your private charter. Please remember private charters must be booked in advance to ensure availability and are dependent on the weather. Visit our reservations page for further information.

Night Diving

For the more adventurous diver, night diving offers the ultimate challenge and is an extremely rewarding and unique experience. At Brac Scuba Shack, we are able to guarantee great visibility in the night waters by providing specialist lights designed specifically for this purpose.

Night diving in Cayman Brac ranks amongst one of the best night dives on the planet. As the sun sets, a whole new underwater world comes to life revealing some of the sea’s most fascinating creatures. Our experienced and informative staff will help to guide you to the best spots, that you otherwise may have missed, ensuring you get the most out of your night diving adventure.

As well as the multitude of night time marine life that you can expect to encounter, you are bound to be enchanted by the spectacular coral transformation, since it is only at night that the colorful magnificence of the coral polyps can be seen fully open. Expect to see octopii, eels, lobsters, jellyfish, and the remarkable variety of nudibranch which are, in our opinion, one of the most captivating of night creatures. 

Night diving also gives divers the opportunity to get up close to many species of fish while they are sleeping, like the otherwise hard-to-spot Parrot Fish that is known to be quite elusive during the day.

Contact us to find out more about our night diving tours. Please note that we require a minimum of four divers for each night dive.

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