Martin van der Touw

Martin Van Der Touw

Originally from South Africa, Martin discovered a passion for diving early in his career. While working for Mercedes Benz he realized that he did not have enough time to dedicate to what he loved most. He decided to combine his love of diving and a career and made the move to train as a dive instructor in 1992. After meeting and falling in love with his wife, Liesel, who also shared Martin’s passion for diving, the couple went on to manage a dive resort in Sodwana Bay, South Africa before making the life-changing decision to move to the Cayman islands. Martin loves the tranquility that Cayman Brac offers and is proud to call this little island paradise his home. He gets great pleasure from sharing the incredible variety and beauty of the Brac’s underwater world with other diving enthusiasts. Martin’s favorite dive site is Anchor Wall. You can read more about this incredible dive on the Wall and Wreck Diving page. His favorite sea creature is the Sergeant Major Fish, a large colorful fish that gets its name from its bright stripes.


Liesel van der Touw

Liesel Van Der Touw

Also originally from South Africa, Liesel started her professional career in banking. After meeting her free-spirited husband and working together managing a dive resort in South Africa, Liesel welcomed the opportunity to travel and work in the Caribbean. After spending several years in the Cayman Islands, Liesel found herself drawn to the more remote island living found in Cayman Brac. She loves the unspoilt underwater world as well as the incredible sense of community spirit. The lack of traffic and the quietness found on this tranquil paradise she fondly refers to as “this beautiful little rock” is an added bonus. Liesel has been qualified as a PADI professional for over 20 years and considers what she does a true privilege. She enjoys sharing the breathtaking underwater marine life with their guests. Liesel’s favorite dive spot is Wilderness Wall, which you can read about on the Wall and Wreck Diving page. Her favourite sea creatures are the odd-shaped critter families found in the deeper waters.


Stewart Brand

Stewart Brand

Cleveland, Ohio born and raised, Stewart Brand grew up in the vacation town of Port Clinton near the Lake Erie Islands. He joined the United States Marine Corp after high school and became a Non Commissioned Officer. While in the Marine Corps he started his diving career in the Philippines, 'a great place to fall in love with the sport', was his comment. After his discharge he returned to Port Clinton to help out with the growing family marina business. While there, he got into the commercial towing and salvage business, towing his own customers as well as customers for Boat US. Throughout the years he continued his dive training and joined the Ottawa County Sheriff's dive team doing search and rescue. Over the last 23 years he has been coming to the Brac to dive several times a year and met Martin and Liesel about 18 years ago. With a Dive Master Certificate and 100 ton US Captain's Licence in hand and years of time spent in the Cayman Island waters on boats and dive sites, Stewart jumped at the opportunity to work for his good friends at Brac Scuba Shack. Stewart is looking forwards to fun and happy times showing you the waters of the island that he loves!


Casey van der Touw

Casey worked in the film industry as an assistant camera, mainly on international features and television series. Whilst working with a team of underwater camera operators in Mauritius, filming the feature film 'Serenity', she fell in love with the underwater world and wanted to combine both her passions of scuba diving and videography/photography. The Caribbean seemed to be the perfect place to do so with warm ocean temperatures, gorgeous, colorful reefs and great visibility to creat pristine images. Casey, from South Africa, joined the Brac Scuba Shack team in November of 2017, and on her days off she enjoys running, watching movies and diving - of course!


Steiner Kirkwood

Originally from the Island of Roatan, with descendants from Cayman Brac, believes he is just a diver. Steiner is a PADI/SSI Open Water Instructor, and has a passion for diving loves his motorcycles. His favorite sea-animal is the hammerhead-shark, yet he is always on the look for the smallest creatures on the reef. Steiner's first job was in a dive shop, introduced to diving at the age of 13 by his mother, he fell in love with the sport and decided to make it a profession.


Jeff Sandretto

Jeff, from Sierra Vista, Arizona, began diving in 1996. He went on a snorkeling trip to Mexico over Labor Day weekend and was totally amazed by the divers below. So after getting home, he didn’t waste much time in getting certified. Jeff enjoys everything about being in, on, or around the water. To him it’s an incredibly diverse, interesting, and beautiful place to hang out. His passion is to share the underwater splendor of Cayman Brac with our divers.



Zeus, the only native Bracker working for Brac Scuba Shack and possibly the youngest recruit in the diving industry. He melted diver's hearts at the tender age of 6-weeks old, and is now known as 'The Boss'! We can guarantee that you will be greeted with a warm hug and kiss (aka lick), when visiting the Brac Scuba Shack!


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